The clients, true representatives of the 'intelligentsia', became my primary source of inspiration through the stories they shared, and I'm pleased to see this reflected in the interior design. I was tasked with creating a harmonious space, a true Moscow flat filled with art and memories. It needed to feel vibrant and lively, not like a museum. However, the primary request was that the interior should still convey the sense of having been lived in for a long time.
This 72-square-metre flat is situated in the Tverskoy district of Moscow, in a building constructed in 1941. Our sophisticated couple have lived apart from their children for some time, so the design was intended for them alone. The essential functional requirements included separate bedrooms and bathrooms for both husband and wife. They love hosting guests and possess a remarkable collection of paintings and prints, an extensive library, and many objects gathered over the years from various countries. Additionally, the clients dislike ornamentation and have a strong aversion to asymmetry. All of this needed to be incorporated into the interior design.